• Summer Hackweek

    We held our second dedicated foodsharing hackweek at the start of July. The location was the same as our previous hackweek, in the lovely Kanthaus project.

    Again, we were mostly the regular people (Matthias, Tilmann, and me), but Chandi also joined again with a pleasing burst of motivation, and we had a new contributor, Theo, come down from Berlin for a few days.

    We got some really good things done, including:

    • getting all site JavaScript moved over to the new webpack environment
    • creating the first VueJS component
    • adding the first RESTful API endpoint
    • removing one whole layer of the database hierarchy
    • a shiny new and sleek README.md page

    Matthias and Tilmann ponder for a while

    Theo Symfony-wrangling in vim

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  • New issue tracker

    Issue tracker now in foodsharing project

    Peter noticed, that gitlab supports private code with public issues. So here we go, we switched our foodsharing project to public and restricted the code access to accepted members.

    Please use the issue tracker inside now.

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  • February Hackweek

    Last week we finished our first ever dedicated foodsharing.de hackweek!

    We tried out the new week long format last September at our foodsaving worldwide hackweek and found it gave us more time to focus on more substantial/abstract/architectural changes.

    We were a small team - with me, Matthias, and Tilmann focused for the whole duration, with shorter visits from other people:

    • Kristijan came and implemented the new communities overview pages with our new contributor Basti
    • Jörg came to meet the dev team and have some discussions about data protection topics
    • Chandi came and implemented a more secure password hashing algorithm (using Argon2i).
    • Basti came and fixed some requested issues like not listing the work groups on the details page reachable through the team page.

    Tilmann, Nick, and Matthias discussing some of the finer points of PHP

    Matthias, Chandi, Kristijan, and Tilmann in the repurposed silent working office at kanthaus

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  • Switching to Deployer for Zero-Downtime-Deployments

    Dear readers,

    As we are progressing with the refactoring of foodsharing.de, we are creating the need for more management tasks to be executed at deploy time. For now, these are:

    • Invalidating template cache
    • Invalidating Dependency Injection container cache
    • Install/update external php packages via composer

    This is leading to a more and more inacceptable behaviour:

    Errors during deployment

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  • E-Mail-Problematik bei foodsharing.de

    — UPDATE: Greensta unterstützt uns weiterhin wie bisher und wir suchen hier nicht mehr unbedingt nach einer neuen Lösung. Falls du dennoch interessiert bist, in diesem Bereich mitzuhelfen, melde dich einfach

    Was ist da los, mit den E-Mails bei foodsharing?

    Nun, wir wollen ungefähr 1 Millionen davon im Monat versenden. Das ist garnicht so einfach.

    Derzeit werden wir von Greensta mit einem Web-Paket gesponsort, welches auch E-Mails enthält. Dort haben wir einfach einen Account eingerichtet, über welchen der komplette ausgehende E-Mail-Verkehr von @lebensmittelretten.de abgewickelt wird.

    Nun hat Greensta vor ein paar Tagen einen Serverumzug gemacht, von dem ich leider aufgrund unglücklicher Umstände erst am 3.12. erfahren habe; als es schon zu spät war. Seit diesem Serverumzug muss nun für jede E-Mail-Adresse, von der wir E-Mails versenden wollen, ein Konto eingerichtet sein (Beispiel: berlin@lebensmittelretten.de, news@lebensmittelretten.de, …). Bisher war das einfach mit einem Konto möglich, so dass wir von allen E-Mail-Adressen unserer eigenen Domain senden konnten (Also das Konto admin@lebensmittelretten.de konnte auch für news@lebensmittelretten.de versenden).

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  • Was kann ich als foodsharing.de Beta-Tester tun?

    Schön, dass du die foodsharing.de Entwicklung als Beta-Tester unterstützen magst! Damit du das sinnvoll tun kannst, lass mich dir kurz davon erzählen, wie die Entwicklung arbeitet:

    Es gibt ein kleines Team von Entwicklern, welche in ihrer Freizeit mal mehr und mal weniger an der Entwicklung teilhaben. Die Entwickler versuchen einerseits, Fehler zu beheben und sind andererseits dabei, den Code so umzustrukturieren, damit er leichter les- und bearbeitbar ist. Zudem haben sie manchmal auch eine gute Idee, wie ihre eigene Arbeit (oder die von anderen) auf der Plattform vereinfacht werden kann. Diese setzen sie dann manchmal um, oder auch nicht (Dies nennt sich “Feature”). Dann gibt es die Kommunikation mit Nutzern der Plattform oder administrativen Stellen wie z.B. dem Vorstand: Von all diesen Stellen kommen viele viele Anfragen, die aufgrund gemachter Annahmen oder enthaltener Informationen in der Regel nicht attraktiv für Entwickler zu bearbeiten sind. Deshalb werden sie meistens einfach ignoriert. Wenn pro Woche in der Summe 30 Stunden in die Entwicklung von foodsharing.de investiert werden (1-20 Stunden pro Person), wird davon einiges für interne Kommunikation benötigt. Die reine Entwicklungszeit beträgt nurnoch wenige Stunden pro Woche. Soll davon nun auch noch etwas zur individuellen Kommunikation nach außen benutzt werden, so würden wir beim Stillstand ankommen.

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  • 2017-10-18 Release notes

    Our first release using the new approach, yay!

    This release contains some important structural improvements, perhaps most significantly, we are now using composer for dependencies where possible, and running on php7.

    There are also a good number of smaller, but visible changes to the site, mostly bugfixes, but a few new features too.

    Many many thanks to all the contributors that made this possible (in order of appearance in the changelog):

    Nick and Matthias deploying the new release

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  • We need your help!

    A nice agency has created a campaign for foodsharing which means we can spread the message about food waste prevention via social media, posters, and bags! How cool!

    The problem is that the campaign will not really explain the whole concept of foodsharing, but just direct people to the homepage, which currently is really lacking a general overview of how it all works.

    We actually have a new homepage concept ready, but the task is to incorporate it into the existing foodsharing.de homepage.

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  • New contributor notes

    Hi there, new interested developer. This post should help you to get started in foodsharing development and answer your most urgent questions :-)

    For general participation in development, please join our slack channel #foodsharing-dev on the yunity slack.

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  • A Plan?

    I started getting involved in the foodsharing software last October, I originally wrote: For now the task is breathe life into the development again.

    It has been progressing at a pretty glacial pace since then (but progress is progress right?) but recently there has been more interest in finding a clearer way forward from here. I get the feeling people are thinking the software is a lost cause by now.

    Personally, my frustration has increased as I see a ever growing list of issues in gitlab, not much clarity around switching to laravel, what to do with foodsharing light, how to progress open sourcing… etc.

    For some reason unknown to me, I cannot bear to give up!

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  • Foodsharing-Development Infomail

    Wie sieht es mit der Weiterentwicklung von foodsharing.de aus? Wer ist denn aktuell daran beteiligt?

    Zunächst einmal als Übersicht eine Liste von Menschen, die aktuell an der Foodsharing.de-Entwicklung beteiligt sind.

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  • Easter foodsharing hackathon

    The dust has just settled from our small hackathon this weekend.

    We welcomed the return of the original developer of foodsharing.de Raphael Wintrich having successfully applied for prototypefund.de funding. The rest of the small team being me and Matthias Larisch.

    Raphael and Matthias stare at a computer screen

    It’s no secret that development progress has been slow and we all sometimes wonder why we continue on the project, especially when we realised none of us actually use the website ;)

    However, the motivation to hold a hackathon came from Raphaels return to the project and my return to Berlin after some months travelling. I am still fully convinced this is a great platform, with a great community behind it, and without a doubt deserves more attention from the developer community.

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  • New Year Progress Review

    We have a new year now and seems a good time for a little review of progress.

    Watching our attempt to kickstart the development of foodsharing.de has been fascinating for me. This stuff is tricky, and there is no guarantee of success.

    The starting premise was that the project is very worthwhile with a great community of foodsavers and there are no viable alternative software platforms. It’s too good to abandon!

    We achieved some key things:

    • docker based development environment setup
    • tests
    • CI system to build/test on each push
    • a clearer path for contributors to join (slack channel, public gitlab group)
    • new contributors
    • 45 closed issues
    • 82 merged merge requests

    Right now though, development has slowed again. This is OK, projects move in many cycles of rise and fall. If we give up as soon as things get tricky we cannot achieve much.

    Lets dig into some of the difficulties…

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  • Wiki, Mumble und Mediendatenbank auf neuem Server

    Good evening, dear blog readers!

    For a few months now, we still had a server available on which Kristijan wanted to make some Wiki tests for the internationalization. But it wasn’t used in the end and therefore available for rescue.

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  • How and why does foodsharing.de development continue?

    A lot of you may be asking yourselves, why was it anounced that there is no more development on the foodsharing platform when it is now continuing? Why is development on foodsharing even continuing, although there was this yunity project trying to provide a replacement platform? And then there is sharecy as well?

    Let me start with some words about me. I got to know foodsharing (then still lebensmittelretten.de) because I was seeing an ex-girlfriend interested on some foodsharing hamburg event in august 2014. Being a vegan for about a year, I was quickly fascinated of the idea of saving food and interacting with similar-minded people in the area, so I got into contact with Raphael Wintrich, the one who programmed the whole platform alone, at approximately the same time when I got my first foodsaver ID card.

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  • Devblog now served via https/letsencrypt

    As we are still in the process of getting our tools and environment set up, this is a nice opportunity for me to as well look into gitlab CI and this blog system.

    If you may not have noticed, this blog is maintained in a gitlab repository , runs on the Jekyll static site generator and is written in markdown.

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  • Introducing the foodsharing dev blog

    A lot has been happening with foodsharing development lately and we’d love to share it more widely and publicly now.

    We write from our developer perspective, so it will get technical at times, but should hopefully be interesting for anyone involved with foodsharing.

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